New remedy for sperm increase

Scientists believe that the fertility of men has declined steadily from generation to generation due to environmental degradation, accelerate the rhythm of life, the accumulation of cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

If the rates of sperm 20-year-old healthy man is taken as 100%, then in his 40 years compared to only 70% motility, 50% of the content of normal spermatozoa, 50% viability. Only due to these causes three-quarters of cases of infertility of men older than 50 years. In fact, fertility could remain at a constant level up to 55-60 years, i.e. until the beginning of menopause. But, alas, we live just the way we live, but nature does not make concessions: shortcomings in the health care sooner or later lead to dire consequences.

Meanwhile, doctors have long known that male fertility is positively influenced by constant high intake of fruits and vegetables with high content of ascorbic and folic acid. And today, a good help in natural nutrition can make new pure natural pills – Semenax Walgreens, which are designed to increase quality and quantity of male sperm.

According to statistics, 15-20% of couples who have decided to give birth to their first child, have problems with conception. Moreover, almost 50% of the pregnancy is impossible due to violations of the ability of the male body to produce healthy sperm, which must contain a certain amount of sperm – the male cells are directly involved in the process of conceiving a child.

Semenax started its action almost immediately after administration. Through this unique combination that best matched doses and production technology, increases the concentration of sperm motility and fertilizing capacity. The drug is necessary not only to those men who have reduced sperm quality, but also to all those who want to become a happy father of a healthy baby! Helps to improve the quality of sperm in 100%.

The  Semenax is 100% natural product, as it is made only from natural herbs, and even with the use of unique technologies: Swedish pollen grasses, which increases sexual energy and positive effect on the overall condition of the men body. In addition to of grasses in the composition are included the important components, which are directed at improving the assimilation of the drug and, accordingly, the achievement of high results. It is also worth noting that the  Semenax doesn’t cause any side effects. The action of the drug every man can feel after just a few steps.