Alli Reviews

What is alli?

One of the most popular diet pills on the market, alli is one of the two diet drugs that currently sells over-the-counter and by prescription. When bought over-the-counter, alli contains about half of the active ingredient. This diet pill has grown in popularity in recent years and has been touted as the solution for weight loss by each  review on-line. Continue reading

Hydroxycut Review – Is it a Scam?

Is Hydroxycut a scam? Well let me start by saying that Weight Loss has in itself become an industry on its’ own within the realm of Health and Nutrition. That being said, weight loss products seem to appear out of the blue and seem to be worth a dime a dozen. There are just so many out there, how can you decide which ones are real and which ones aren’t? Which ones will ultimately be harmful and which ones are safe? The questions continue to linger in the back of every individual’s mind. Continue reading

Caralluma Actives Review

Are you and overeater? Are you tired of packing around extra weight that seems to be impossible to get rid of? If so, then our Caralluma Actives Review will certainly interest you.

Weight loss plans are very popular these days since many people would like to shed some excess weight that is negatively impacting their life. The problem with most of these plans is that they require too much effort and time, and people often give up after seeing limited or no results. Continue reading

Is There Truth to the African Mango Scam?

Ever since the African mango has been introduced to the world in a popular talk show as the next big thing in the dieting world, a lot of people have jumped into the bandwagon and went to buy African Mango Plus. However, just as quickly as the supplement was introduced, so too did the allegations of the African Mango scam crop up, causing a lot of people to be skeptical about the effectiveness of the ingredient. Is there really truth to the African mango diet scam allegations, or are these just empty accusations? This article sheds some light to the African mango scam in order to let people know the truth behind the story. Continue reading

African Mango Plus Reviews

The Internet is loaded with African Mango reviews and sales pitches connected with this very popular weight loss supplement.

Many people who are selling African Mango on their website make questionable claims about how they used it to shed large amounts of excess weight effortlessly in record time while doing no exercises. Continue reading