Is There Truth to the African Mango Scam?

Ever since the African mango has been introduced to the world in a popular talk show as the next big thing in the dieting world, a lot of people have jumped into the bandwagon and went to buy African Mango Plus. However, just as quickly as the supplement was introduced, so too did the allegations of the African Mango scam crop up, causing a lot of people to be skeptical about the effectiveness of the ingredient. Is there really truth to the African mango diet scam allegations, or are these just empty accusations? This article sheds some light to the African mango scam in order to let people know the truth behind the story.

Is the African Mango Scam True?

In order to understand whether the African Mango scam is true or not, it is important to look at the ingredient itself.
African mango, also known as the bush mango or by its scientific name Irvingia gabonensis, is a plant that is indigenous to the Cameroon rainforests. The seeds of the fruit, called Dikka nuts, have long been extracted by the West African native tribes for medicinal purposes, as well as a source of natural energy and an appetite suppressant to keep them going while they’re hunting.

Scientists eventually realized the potential of the seeds as an ingredient in weight loss products. Eventually, they were able to extract the nutrients from the Dikka nuts in order to make diet pills.

With that said, is there truth to the African Mango scam allegations? Thankfully, these have been found to be untrue. In fact, both clinical trials and actual use of average people of weight loss supplements containing African mango have shown that the ingredient is highly effective in helping people shed their extra weight.

What’s more, scientific journal articles have been published in international medical journals showing just how effective African mango is in helping people lose those pounds.

Some benefits you can enjoy when you use African Mango include:

  • Fat burning. Contrary to African mango scam claims, the extract is actually to help people shed their extra weight even without diet or exercise thanks to its thermogenic properties, greatly boosting the body’s natural ability to burn fats. Furthermore, it also boosts metabolism, thus making people lose weight even more, as well as giving them an energy boost in order for them to have more active lifestyles. Even without exercise, African mango can cause a 12 lb weight loss in as short as 30 days.
  • Appetite suppression. As experts tell you, the biggest reason why people are obese or overweight is because they end up eating more calories than they can burn. African mango prevents this from happening by suppressing your appetite to prevent you from overindulging in food. Since you consume lesser calories, you will end up losing weight.
  • Leptin control. Scientists have found out that leptin, a hormone naturally secreted by the human body, is linked with obesity. In fact, this is why some people don’t lose weight, regardless of how much exercise or dieting they do. What African mango essentially does is that it helps monitor and control leptin in order to prevent obesity.
  • Cholesterol control. African mango helps lower LDL, the bad cholesterol, while at the same time increasing the amount of HDL, the good cholesterol, in your body, thanks to its high fiber content.
  • Prevention of heart disease. African mango has also been found to reduce the risks of heart ailments.
  • Diabetes control. African mango helps lower the glucose level of users, allowing diabetics to better control their condition.

Unlike what some African Mango scam accusations say, the supplement doesn’t actually have any side effects. Being made of all-natural ingredients, there are no associated negative effects of African mango to users. As such, you can take this without putting your health at risk.

Is African Mango Plus the Best African Mango Supplement?

If there’s a shred of truth in the African mango scam allegations, it’s the fact that there needs to be a certain amount of African mango in the weight loss supplement in order for it to be effective. There needs to be at least 150 mg of the seed extract in order for people to actually see any results. African Mango Plus thankfully contains that required amount. Furthermore, it also contains green tea leaf extract and caffeine, ingredients known to help people lose weight safely and effectively.

As you can read African Mango Plus reviews, the product is highly effective. Thousands of customers who have tried the product report that they are able to lose weight, even in their problem areas. In fact, even those who have tried hours of exercising and years of dieting to no avail have found that African Mango Plus is the weight loss solution they’ve long been looking for.

Don’t let the African Mango  accusations deter you from losing weight effectively. Try out African Mango plus and watch as the pounds drop off safely and easily.