Hydroxycut Review – Is it a Scam?

Is Hydroxycut a scam? Well let me start by saying that Weight Loss has in itself become an industry on its’ own within the realm of Health and Nutrition. That being said, weight loss products seem to appear out of the blue and seem to be worth a dime a dozen. There are just so many out there, how can you decide which ones are real and which ones aren’t? Which ones will ultimately be harmful and which ones are safe? The questions continue to linger in the back of every individual’s mind.

The purpose of this Hydroxycut review is figure out, what exactly is Hydroxycut? Is it the real deal? or Is it just one more scam?

What Is Hydroxycut?

The fact of the matter is, Hydroxycut remains as the top weight loss supplement in America for a number of reasons, the primary one being that yes, it does in fact work.

The great thing about weight loss supplements is that over a period of time, people will eventually learn and see if a product works or not. Hydroxycut remains on the market and continues to expand because it does work so well.

The clinical trials have been held meticulously for this diet supplement, following a controlled placebo group and a hydroxycut group and watching their weight loss and BMI fluctuation progress over a period of up to 12 weeks, with results being recorded constantly. Hydroxycut users on average more than tripled their fat loss as compared to the placebo group.

The Ingredients in Hydroxycut

So you maybe wondering, why such a big difference in both the results? Simply put, Hydroxycut uses a natural ingredients to boost the body’s metabolism to higher levels, thus heating the body, and allowing one to burn off the calories that much faster. Hydroxycut manages to do so by taking heavy doses of caffeine and other natural extracts such as Komijn (Cuminumcyminum seed), Wild Olive extract (Oleaeuropaea leaf), Goji extract (Lyciumbarbarum fruit) and many other natural ingredients. None of which have harmful effects to the body. In past versions of the product, a large amount of Chinese based herbs such as green tea extracts were used as a means to boost the metabolism. This makes perfect sense considering that the Chinese have been using Green tea for thousands of years to keep caffeinated and awake during long periods of meditation and other activities.

Hydroxycitric acid is another known ingredient within hydroxycut, and yes it has an intimidating name, but guess what doubters won’t tell you. It is actually an ingredient from the fruit rind of Garciniacambogia, a tree native to Southeast Asia. This ingredient has been used for centuries as a means of making foods feel more filling and also to help one pass gas. Hence Hydroxycut’s claims of reducing appetite do stand to measure, though if you are increasing your workout intensity you may find yourself thinking otherwise. One shouldn’t consider that Hydroxycut merely does not work because of not noticing a subjective change in diet.

Is Hydroxycut Safe?

One important word of caution however is this, because of Hydroxycut’s ability to speed up an individual’s metabolism and increase energy levels, some side effects have been known to occur in different people. Some past users will complain about not being able to sleep, having heart palpitations, etc, but these do not say anything against the weight loss factor of Hydroxycut, nor do these same people acknowledge that these are the very same symptoms of coffee drinkers. Worst case scenario, with Hydroxycut, realize it is ok to scale down the dosage and that it won’t mean that the product will not work for you. Every body type is different and one must find the correct dosage suitable to his or herself.

Lastly, as you do your research on the product you will come to find more extreme Hydroxycut reviews saying they’ve lost 50 pounds in 12 weeks, or perhaps they’ve lost no weight at all. Keep in mind that most people on the extremes are the only ones eager to express their opinions. Take Hydroxycut at face value, for what it is, a weight loss supplement that will help you in your daily routine to lose weight faster than normal. Do not forget to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Don’t expect to live off of fast food and solve your problems with a simple pill (be it hydroxycut or anything else on the market) taken two or three times a day.