How To Cum More?

Most guys have watched the odd porn film here and there. Probably all guys have seen at least a couple. And one thing you can’t help but notice about the guys in porn films is that when it comes to the climactic scene, they shoot a massive load. A ridiculously huge amount of cum. Put it this way: the girls in porn never need to buy any skin cream!

So the question on our lips as we watch these guys perform so impressively is: how do they do that? And how can I do that? Well, that’s what this article is for. These 7 tips on how to cum more will make you perform like a porn star every time!

1. Get Enough Exercise: The simple fact is, if you’re unfit then every part of your body is unfit. You can’t expect to perform like a porn star if you’re living like a couch potato. You don’t need to spend countless hours in the gym and turn yourself into Sylvester Stallone, though. Just twenty or thirty minutes of moderate exercise – a brisk walk, cycling, some time on the Wii Fit – will get you fitter and ensure you can perform to your potential.
2. Give Up Smoking: You might enjoy cigarettes, but the fact is that nicotine is a vasoconstrictor. This means it tightens your blood vessels and reduces the amount of blood which can reach the extremities. This can lead to cold hands and feet, hair loss, and impotence. Cutting down will help, but if you really want to improve your performance in the bedroom then you need to give up completely.
3. Cut Down On Your Drinking: Thankfully you don’t need to completely quit drinking. A couple of glasses of wine or a few beers over dinner or on a night out won’t hurt. But drinking to excess will cause problems. This is because as the liver removes alcohol from the bloodstream, it releases female hormones. This is the reason that heavy drinkers often develop breasts! It also reduces sexual potency and diminishes the potency and intensity of the orgasm.
4. Drink Plenty Of Water: Dehydration depletes the whole bodily system, including the sexual system. Without realising it, many of us are mildly dehydrated all of the time. This reduces our potency in the bedroom and diminishes the quantity of semen available for our orgasms. For optimum orgasm potential, make sure you drink eight glasses of water a day.
5. Take A Multi-Vitamin: It’s a sad fact that, even if you eat a healthy diet, many of the foods we consume today are depleted in essential vitamins and minerals. Soils have been degraded through years of intense farming, and industrial pollutants leach valuable nutrients from the crops and animals we depend on for our diets. So taking a quality multi-vitamin supplement has become essential to ensure your body has all the nutrients it requires. Semenax is a volume pill which works wonders to increase ejaculation intensity and volume, and also comes with Vit5, a multi-vitamin especially designed to ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs for optimum sexual performance. See my Semenax pills review for more.
6. Eat More Eggs: As well as being excellent sources of protein – one of the main constituents of semen – eggs are also very high in lecithin. Lecithin has been shown to boost semen volume, enhance sex drive, and even help with premature ejaculation! Try including a couple of eggs with your morning breakfast every day and you’ll soon see the difference they can make!
7. Take A Volume Pill: Okay, it might seem like cheating, but I can guarantee you that all the guys you see shooting huge loads in the porn films are taking a quality ejaculation increasing supplement. When used in conjunction with the other tips in this article, taking a volume pill will give you that extra edge and ensure you have rock hard erections, high sex drive, longer, more intense orgasms, and hugely impressive loads. This is the real secret of how to cum more.

There are many volume pills on the market, and it’s essential to choose the right one.