Provillus Review – Is Provillus A Scam?

Hair loss can lead to embarrassment, confidence problems, and it can even lead to depression and avoidance of public places. Many can’t afford expensive hair replacement surgeries. And, with the danger that comes with surgery, many who can afford treatment simply won’t. Because of that, here is the complete review about this particular hair loss treatment.

How Does Provillus Work?

The Provillus hair loss treatment is a Minoxidil-infused formula that comes in two parts. There is the hair loss treatment itself, and there is a dietary supplement. The treatment works to promote hair growth by getting right down to the root of the hair follicle and promoting Aganen (the growth phase of hair). The dietary supplement works to promote healthy hair, and to stop hormonal changes. In turn this stops the hair loss quickly (usually in 1–4 weeks depending on your current level of health).

The reason that this type of treatment works so well is that it targets all types of hair loss, and it targets the real reasons why we lose hair in the first place. Part of the reason that you lose hair (whether you’re a man or a woman) is because of genetics. However, even with that, the actual hair loss is brought about by hormonal changes. By stopping the triggers that cause you to lose hair with the dietary supplement, and then working to reverse it with the treatment itself, Provillus works to stop loss and restore the hair you’ve already lost.

Does this mean that Provillus will work for everyone? No. But, it does work for close to 80% of people who use it to stop hair loss and to regrow their hair.

Provillus Scam Research

Many people have been discounting the effectiveness of Provillus in stopping hair loss. This is due to the increasing popularity of the product in arresting male and female bald pattern common in middle aged individuals. Claims of Provillus scam are made by competing hair loss products that have bitten the dust given the worldwide attention that Provillus has been getting among millions of individuals suffering from hair loss.

Provillus is absolutely reliable in providing great results in as early as 90 days. It is manufactured by one of the most respected companies involved in the production of natural products. It has been in the market since 2002, and differs itself not only in effectiveness but also in the lack of gimmickry advertisements and hollow packaging. The product has also been approved by the US FDA, proof of how much reception and acceptance it has had not only among consumers but also from the medical field.

Provillus has been discredited by many of its competitors who fail to acknowledge that Provillus is made up of all natural ingredients which have been proven effective in inducing growth of the hair follicles. The all natural make up of the product also means that there is little chance for side effects to happen.

Perhaps the most important to look for is that all ingredients in any product you are considering carry the FDA stamp of approval and has been clinically tested. New substances or products which are not approved to treat the conditions they claim to remedy should be avoided. Rest assured that all of the ingredients in Provillus are FDA approved.

Outrageous Claims

We’ve all seen the hyped-up ads claiming that a particular product can re-grow hair overnight or that it is the result of a new, scientific breakthrough no one’s ever heard of. Beware of terms such as “sensational”, “miraculous”, and “instant” (none of which are used to describe Provillus).

The makers of Provillus are careful not to make any claims that are untrue; neither do they profess that Provillus will work overnight or even in one month. The Provillus treatment is effective, but it will take some time to see results.

No Side Effects

If a hair loss treatment claims that it does not produce any side effects, then chances are it is not helpful. Let’s face it, effective ingredients such as the minoxidil in Provillus do carry some risks; not all are safe for every person. A company that fails to disclose those risks is not ethical.

The makers of Provillus provide a clearly understandable list of all possible side effects. These will not apply to most people, but it is important that consumers understand the possibility exists.

Reference to Medical Advice

Most of us know that before taking a supplement, it is always wise to check with our doctor first to ensure that there will be no harmful effects from interaction with other prescriptions, or a negative effect from existing medical conditions. If a site for a hair loss remedy does not implicitly advise you to seek medical advice, then it is probably a scam.

With Provillus, it is strongly recommended that you discuss this treatment option with your doctor before you begin the regimen. Because there are side effects associated with minodixil, one of the ingredients in Provillus, your physician needs to be aware of your use.

It is too easy to be misled by advertisements for products that are ineffectual. Don’t be gullible. Stick with a company that is both ethical and aboveboard in its claims, such as Provillus, a member of the Natural Products Association. Stay away from charlatans with outrageous claims and instead opt for a slow, steady, and effective treatment like Provillus.